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Roger C., Rick, Robert, Ann, George, Jeanne, Mike, Abi, Ruth D., Audrey O., Amanda B., Jeff and Jennifer D., Danny F., Peggy H., Charley, Aaron W., Wei M., Angela S., Blaine P., Benjamin P., Matt M., Ted, Abby, Henry, Brennan, Christian

Other Needs:

Bassham: Charles (Brent's father): cancer treatment

Castle: Amy's mother: Spiritual & cancer treatment

Davis: Thyroid biopsy inconclusive: Genetic testing & consultation Friday with surgeon; need wisdom, Court situation for Janet and Randy

Day: Desiree: New job David: Strength and endurance for job; pay increase

Diels: Recovery; Physical Therapy

Farrington: Sam’s Recovery & Upcoming hip surgery Gerald J: Recovery from stroke Peggy (Sam's sister): recovery from accident Jordynn (granddaughter): wisdom about attending PCC (visit in April)

Getty: Family situation

McGrady: Mary M.- Health needs, church closed & needs to find one; praying for the Lord's direction

Morris: Keith's dad: hip pain and possible replacement needed, parents roof leaking and may need replacement; Mandy’s niece (Kayla Travis) family situation & safety

Murphy: Doreen's mother to reconsider ideas & doctrine; Family in spiritual darkness

Pritchard: Upcoming eye surgery & continuing therapy

Ross: March 11 court date: adoption & guardianship

Slusser: Derek B.- Spiritual Eddie's parents for move & church attendance

Sokolov: Family in Ukraine

Small: Timmy S.: New job prospects

Wiley: Lemoyne: Tongue cancer Maria N.: Recovery from traumatic brain injury

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