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The Morris Family

Missionaries to the people of Ecuador

  • Independent
    We are a non-denominational church. This local congregation of baptized believers is not affiliated with any conventions, councils, or organizations. There is no outside controlling body to which we answer. We believe that the Scriptures designate Christ as the head of every local church, and thus, all decisions regarding its functioning are made by this local congregation, using the Bible and Holy Spirit as our guide.
  • Bible-Believing
    We believe that the Word of God has the answers for man’s greatest needs. All things needed for life and godly living are found therein. As a result, we preach directly from the Bible, rejecting the philosophies and opinions of men. We believe that the Scriptures are the absolute authority for all of life and practice and, as such, must be consulted for wisdom and guidance.
  • Fundamental
    The term fundamental is sorely misunderstood and misused in society today. It simply means that we hold firmly to certain basic essentials of Christian truth. Though not exhaustive, the following are doctrines to which we firmly adhere without apology: 1. The Bible is the inspired, preserved Word of God. 2. Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God. We also believe that He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried, and rose again the third day to provide a way of salvation for all who “call upon the name of the Lord.” 3. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone, totally apart from works. There are a number of other “fundamentals” (basic tenets of the Christian faith) that we hold dear, but space does not allow a thorough explanation of all doctrines we accept as true.
  • Baptist
    We believe the historic doctrinal beliefs of Baptists. Though many churches today are unwilling to specify where they stand in regard to doctrinal persuasion, we are not ashamed to call ourselves Baptists. The doctrines held firmly by Baptists throughout the centuries distinguish us from other religious groups. Among these beliefs are the absolute authority of the Bible for faith and practice, the autonomy (self-governing) of the local church, the priesthood of the believer, and that the two ordinances of the church are baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.
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