The Morris Family

Missionaries to the people of Ecuador


Members and servants at Spring Meadow Baptist Church since 2008 Keith -Leads singing in all services -Teaches Teens Sunday School -Teaches Children’s Church -Involved in church’s outreach ministry Mandy -Taught Elementary Sunday School for many years -Helps in Children’s Church -Works the nursery -Involved in music ministry -Involved in church’s outreach ministry

About Keith

I grew up in the Bible Belt and like a lot of people went to church from birth. The church I grew up in was a Church of Christ and I learned some good things going to this church but as I will explain, many things were unclear to me regarding salvation. As I got to the age to attend school, I went to a public school which is where I spent all my time with education up to my college years. The school system I went to was praised as being one of the best in the state and by the world standards was conservative. By the time I reached about seven years old and attending the school system I began questioning the matter of God and Heaven. From what I can recall, I understood you needed to be baptized to get to Heaven yet I asked myself what would happen if I sinned after baptism. Time went on and soon I was a teenager learning many typical teenage stuff that was not Godly. Once again, in the world’s eye, I was an innocent person and what I thought was fine truly according to God’s word was not. At sixteen, I decided I needed to get baptized since all the other teens at church had been baptized. As I was finishing up high school I started to attend different churches which included a community church and southern Baptist church. It was at this time I at least acknowledge that I never truly knew God or had a relationship with Him. At one service, I prayed about having a relationship with God and it was at that time I thought I was saved. My life did change some as I stop using profane language and started to read God’s word although unfortunately the NIV. I continued to attend a southern Baptist church for a few years. It was 2005 and a big change took place in my life in August of that year. I moved from the Bible Belt all the way to the great northwest in Washington state. At the age of 26, I had plans that I thought God had for my life but He had other plans. As I settled in and got a job I soon after met a lady by the name of Mandy which worked at the same place I did. Mandy invited me to her Christmas Cantata which was at a local independent Baptist Church. As time went by I attended this independent Baptist Church and began to get to know Mandy more and more. It wasn’t much later in April of 2006 that we got engaged and were married in July of that same year. I became a member of the independent Baptist Church believing my membership from the previous southern Baptist church could be transferred over. As time went by, the simple plan of salvation was being preached and God started working in my heart about this. I examined my past so called salvation experience and realized I wasn’t for sure I was saved. My experience of being saved years before seemed vague and therefore I needed to settle the matter of salvation. It was in our apartment bedroom I kneeled to trust Christ as my savior and to forgive me of my sins which took place in the Fall of 2006. In 2008 we had the opportunity to move back to Tennessee and I got a secular job. In 2009 God once again pricked my heart that I needed to get baptized since I hadn’t been when I settled the matter of salvation in 2006. At this time, we began serving at Spring Meadow Baptist Church and I was able to lead the singing at some of the weekly services. We also had the opportunity to teach the Children's Church and go out soul-winning regularly. We continued to service faithfully through the following years and I began to lead the singing at all the weekly services. As I continued to work a job and raise a family, I started to think more and pray more regarding world missions. In 2015, I surrendered to the Lord's calling of full-time missions. It was in 2017, God confirmed this calling to the people of Ecuador, and we are ready to be used for His work in our lives as we go to seek the lost and give them the glorious message of the Gospel.

About Mandy

My Uncle Greg, my mom’s brother was the first in our family to get saved. He led my mom and dad as well as many of our other relatives to Christ before I was born. I was brought to church and taught about God and Jesus from a very young age. I even attended a Christian School up to 1st grade that was
organized by at the time, Midway Baptist Church in Imperial Beach California. So from a young age I was taught the foundation of Christianity, Christ.
I was saved and baptized when I was 5 which is what my mother told me. I don’t remember the details or even the event but I remember loving Jesus and wanting him to live in my heart. During my teenage years I confirmed my salvation by accepting Christ at the alter after a church service. This was during a family visit to California. I was baptized that same trip by Pastor Brian Dunlop who currently is the Pastor for Lighthouse Baptist in Laverne, California.
Sadly, although my parents were saved they did not attend church during my entire adolescence. My house hold was very worldly and there was not a mandate for Christian living. My parents separated when I was 19, my sister was 17 and my brother was 10. My brother went to live with my dad and my sister and I were left to ourselves. Unfortunately, I continued to live a worldly life until I was 22 years old.
Thankfully when I was 22 the Lord allowed me to be put into many humbling situations. I knew that it was the Lord chastising me and He began opening doors of opportunity for me to turn back to Him. The Lord put it on my Uncle Greg and my Aunt Audrey’s heart for me to come and live with them. My Aunt and Uncle are very dedicated to Christian living and have been attending church faithfully since they were saved. I was able to move in with them and attend their church. During that time, I was discipled and grew in the Lord. I began to study His word. Not only was I growing in the Lord but I sought His forgiveness for the life that I had lived before. During my stay with them, the Lord put on my heart to surrender to full time service. I surrendered to the Lord and was willing to serve God in any capacity, whether that was teaching a Sunday school class, singing in the choir, visitation or cleaning the church! After a year of living with my relatives, I moved to the city of Lynwood, WA. I lived there for a few years with my dad and brother and then with my mom and toddler sisters. All of that was done to try and get them out of bad situations. During that time, I was attending Everett Bible Baptist Church in Everett, WA. I was able to grow in the Lord and serve in that church for a few years. During that time, I met my future Husband, Keith Morris at work. I was able to invite him to a Christmas Cantata and he began coming to church of his own accord. He eventually joined the church and began to serve there. Well the rest is history! I’m so thankful that the Lord blessed me with such a wonderful husband that is willing to serve God!
Keith and I celebrated our 11-year anniversary this year and have three precious children. We have been serving in our local church in Franklin, TN for the last 10 years. The Lord has put the subject of full time ministry on both of our hearts for many years. In addition, just recently the Lord has specifically called us to missions, specifically Ecuador, South America. We have gladly surrendered to God’s call! We are looking forward to what the Lord has for us to do!